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Is Online Reputation Important? Let us discuss it! A solid website with an effective social media page is always an edge. It means that you are ready for achieving your goals and objectives regarding

三月 23, 2021

Comparing SEO and SEM

Comparing SEO and SEM. While talking about Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we need to know that both are equally important for increasing the visibility of your web
What is Cost per Acquisition? When a website needs the advertisement to acquire customers, they need to pay for it. Cost per acquisition is the way through which we can calculate the cost of acquisiti
Who will need Online Reputation Management (ORM)? While talking about brand reputation strategy, online reputation management has a key role in it. On the other hand, Brand protection and reputation a
Nowadays Customers Behavior (Zero Moment of Truth ZMOT concept). Customer behavior is one of those changes that we normally underestimate and overestimate. The reason is the fluctuation that we are ob