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Can SEO lower down CPA (cost per acquisition)?

What is Cost per Acquisition?

When a website needs the advertisement to acquire customers, they need to pay for it. Cost per acquisition is the way through which we can calculate the cost of acquisition. This value can be calculated by dividing the total number of conversions through advertisement with the total number of conversions. This value largely depends on the quality score that Google determines.

Till now, CPA is looking quite simple and straightforward. However, it becomes difficult when the bidding comes into the picture. At this point, there is a need to learn how CPA works and indicates the Rate of Interest (ROI) of the campaign.

The simplicity of Cost per Acquisition may inspire many businessmen, but before taking any decision, we need to look it into the details and its value in Search Engine Optimization. We need to look into the industry as well, as a CPA is hugely different for different industries.

What is the relation between CPA and SEO?

The key element of engaging online customers is to make sure that they will find you through search engines. You can achieve this target by using CPA. However, it does not mean that you will be available online all the time for the customers. To achieve this target, you need SEO as well. It confirms that without SEO, the results against CPA can be marginalized.

Search Engine Optimization gives you a good ranking in the search engines. The best position that can be got by any website is on the first page. If your SEO is working, the CPA becomes more relevant as well. There is a chance that your potential customers find you on the first page. In that case, you will find more chances of conversions. It is also important to mention that through SEO, the CPA can also be improved a lot.

In order to learn how SEO plays a role in lowering CPA, it is necessary to keep an eye on some crucial elements and their impact. So, let us discuss them!

SEO helps you get rid of NO SALES ZONES

Whether you are using Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing or any other advertising tool, you can see that location is the most important ingredient. the experts confirm that in the case of targeting NO SALES Zones, these platforms will show concerns. You will need to make sure that these zones are not selected.

While talking about the location for CPA campaigns, the best practice is to target the cities instead of countries. In this way, chances are that you will not target “no sales zones.” You can achieve this target with the help of SEO that has always a targeted audience.

Increased Engagement with SEO that increases the conversion rate

SEO helps you target a specific location, person, and interest. It achieves its target through intelligent keyword analysis that helps find a big market. It also shows the competition regarding keywords in SERPs. When you are focusing on such a level, you will be able to find the most interested people for your product or service. And if such engagement is there, the conversion rate will increase, which means that SEO is lowering the CPA as well.

SEO helps you create an impact on the Buying Cycle

Price-conscious customers are everywhere. They do not rely on the information that you are a good brand and compare your products with others through the social-driven web. This situation occurs more frequently when there is a financial crisis. Here, SEO comes for your help, as it creates an impact on this research and buying cycle. It becomes a prospect magnet that keeps attracting prospects by using different keyword techniques and SEO strategies. It keeps searching for your customers and dragging them to your website. The ultimate result of all these efforts is the lower CPA.

Optimization of Paid Campaigns only through SEO

Paid campaigns also need to be optimized, as without targeting the location, language, network, and devices, you cannot get the potential customers, and it is possible only through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and techniques.

Fixation of Website’s Technical Issues via SEO

According to research, 79% of the potential customers find website dissatisfying. If it is happening, the CPA will increase. These issues can be related to website speed, cross-device compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, and 404 errors.

You can address these issues only via Search Engine Optimization. If you are doing SEO, it will keep identifying you about these issues, and you will have to resolve them. SEO becomes more relevant if you are advertising your website because it will attract the customers, and if they are losing focus during their visit, you are wasting your efforts and money in CPA.

SEO reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a key in SEO, as if the user is not getting the relevant information or products; he will close the website immediately. So, if the user is not staying on your website, it will increase the bounce rate that will ultimately affect the SEO. It will also affect your efforts regarding the Cost Per Acquisition rate. Therefore, without SEO, there will be a high bounce rate and increased CPA.

SEO reduces Website Load Time

When a user comes to your website via CPA, but it is taking time in the opening process, he will lose concentration and move to the next website.